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Here's an interesting fact. The world's most expensive rug raked in a neat $4.45 million in a Christy's auction! This 400-year-old antique silk rug was made in Persia and the price is a simple reminder of the potential investment some make with their rug purchases. Keeping them clean is the best way to make them visually pleasing and long lasting. The cleaning process involves removing dirt, grit, stains, sand, and even allergens from the rug.

Benefits of Professional Rug-Cleaning Services

Dirty carpets are known to hoard various sources of air pollutants, like dead insects, allergens, pet dander, lead, and dust, among others and toxic airborne gases adhere to these particles as well as to the rugs. Even though daily cleaning activities like vacuuming will release these gases, only professional cleaning can effectively kill the bacteria and remove the trapped pollutants without compromising the quality of the air in the home or the structure of the rug.

Professional rug cleaning also eliminates mold and mildew, which can cause unhealthy conditions in the home. Professional cleaners have sophisticated drying tools that ensure moisture is completely annihilated from the rugs, leaving them clean, safe, and healthy.

Dirty rugs can also attract dust mite infestations, which can go on unnoticed because these creatures are microscopic. The body fragments and feces left behind by the mites are allergens that can aggravate reactions. Steam cleaning done by professional cleaners exposes the rug to high temperatures that dust mites cannot stand.

Who Does It Benefit?

Individuals with increasing allergy symptoms of problems breathing will benefit both from rug and carpet cleaning. In these types of cases the solution is often found to be a sanitation overhaul inside the home. This involves removing dust and dander from the most hard to get to spots, like rugs, carpet, upholstery, and air ducts.

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